The Benefits of Corporate Yoga in the Workplace

What are the benefits of Corporate Yoga ?

Yoga in the workplace is more than just a trend. It’s a mind-body fitness program that not only benefits employees mentally, emotionally and physically, it also reduces health care costs, improves inefficiencies and even qualifies organizations for special tax breaks.

Here are some of the most important benefits of yoga in the workplace:

Reduces Absenteeism and Employee Illness

  • Helps staffers manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improves overall physical health and well-being
  • Treats pain from repetitive injuries and chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel
  • Improves physical energy and stamina
  • Increases day-to-day productivity

Yoga helps employees reduce stress levels

  • Enhances clarity, focus and creative thinking
  • Builds leadership skills and encourages teamwork
  • Improves communication abililties
  • Lowers injuries in the Workplace
  • Improves overall effectiveness in the office

Reduces Costs

  • Healthier, happier employees mean reduced insurance costs
  • California offers a tax rebate to qualified corporations with corporate yoga programs

The following are just some of the major corporations that have already seen the benefits of yoga in effect: GE, AT&T, GE, Chase Manhattan Bank, Harman International, Pepsi, Blue Shield, Delta, JBL, Oracle, Intel, Sony, HBO, NASA, Apple, GM, Citibank, Toyota, Dole and Nike.

Check out this infographic courtesy of that really explains well the benefits of a corporate yoga program:

Corporate Yoga Los Angeles Infographic

Corporate Yoga Infographic