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Corporate Yoga Los Angeles

Heart Alchemy’s Yoga programs brings client-curated yoga lessons to your work place.

The Benefits of Our Corporate Yoga Los Angeles Program

  • Mindfulness
  • Stress Relief
  • Increased Energy
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Employee Camaraderie
  • Productivity

Our clients have noted that  regular yoga practice in the work place has lead to improved productivity, morale and leadership skills.

Beginning The Process

After assessing your company’s needs, Heart Alchemy will arrange sessions that may include: yoga, meditation, sound baths, Chi Kung, workshops, mindfulness, breathing and /or  stress relief and relaxation techniques. These curated-to-client sessions are conducted before work, during the lunch break or after work on-site. The success and results of our programs have allowed us to deliver private and corporate yoga services to a range of companies and private individuals including Discovery Channel, Intuit and Four Seasons.

Creating Goals and Objectives 

We customize our platform to meet the needs of our corporate partners. Our Corporate Yoga Los Angeles Programs are designed to understand the goals and objectives of your wellness program, then tailor our services to meet your needs.

Our Corporate Yoga Orange County Teachers

Heart Alchemy features a number of hand-picked excellent and professional teachers with a variety of styles and disciplines. You will always find our team is prompt, inspirational, professional and motivating.


Heart Alchemy was founded by renowned Los Angeles yoga teacher Michelle Goldstein and Digital Marketing professional, Darren Kramer. The company was established with the goal of bringing dynamic and accessible yoga and related practices to the world through video and corporate channels. Moved by the power of conscious community, we have united many inspired and innovative teachers from around the globe to drive the mission of bringing the benefits of yoga to a wide range of influencers.


Our offices are conveniently located in Costa Mesa, CA. Feel free to contact us to discuss the individual needs of your Corporate Yoga needs here in OrangeCounty.

Phone: 415-867-0893

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