JQ Williams

JQ Williams is a warm and energetic teacher.  Having a background in dance, gymnastics and pole vault has taught her to value the technical aspects of the poses and alignment.  From there, yoga has taught her about the deeper connection and awareness the poses bring to the mind and body.  Attention is always brought back to the individual yogi’s practice, emphasizing the importance of understanding where the mind and body are, and how one can connect their intention with the physical practice. Often she closes class by playing singing bowls during Savasana to move her students into a meditative state.

Raised in Michigan, Williams moved to Los Angeles five years ago.  Pursuing a life of balance, Williams splits her time between teaching yoga and working in photography.  Some of her favorite times are days when she gets to combine her passions by photographing yogis, helping cue models into yoga poses for athletic wear campaigns, and even on occasion being a subject herself.

Why Willo Yoga?
“Growing up in the woods gave me this really strong connection to trees.  Sadly, we didn’t have any willow trees in my neck of the woods but there as one on my elementary school playground.  The limbs gently bent all the way to the ground and it was my escape, my reverie to be in there.  The same calm, nurturing feeling of comfort the tree gave me as a child I have found through my yoga practice.  If I can share that feeling with my students… well, I can’t ask for much more.  Also, my middle name is Willoughby and some of my friends call me Willo.”