Prayers Becoming Truth

Prayers Becoming Truth

If I happen to see my life flash before my eyes when I die, I hope to see that I truly seized the day, laughed often, let tears flow when they welled up, didn’t indulge so much as to forget the vastness of the sky, yet enjoyed enough juicy peaches & ice cream to have never felt deprived.

I hope I see plenty of good long hugs and celebrations with friends, gathered in circles of dinner tables, turntables & musical instruments, especially drums.

And if all goes as planned, I will relish an abundance of colorful sunsets from hilltops, rooftops & beaches around the world, tender, passionate love, hot n heavy make-out sessions & romps in the hay.

I hope to see lots of art made, journals written, om chants and prayerful, incense-filled moments by candle light, breathing to the beat of my heart.

Oh yes, and yoga retreats, yoga teaching, yoga classes, yoga immersions and yoga yoga yoga.

In the moments before I die, I want to know that my dreams were vivaciously followed, integrity was stood for, that no-one & no-thing came between me and the beauty and adventure of life.

And more than anything, with all of my heart, I hope to leave this world more peaceful than when I got here, more awake, compassionate, joyful & kind.


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